Flagship Project | Jan 4, 2024
The Transportation Heartbeat of America Survey
Flagship Project | Jan 4, 2024
The Travel Behavior and Data (TBD) Hub

TBD Organizes a Short Course

TBD organizes “A Short Course on Multivariate and Multiple Discrete-Continuous Choice Modeling Methods,” taking place on May 22, 2024, in Atlanta, GA, in the heart of the Georgia Institute of Technology campus.
Click here to learn more and register for the short course.

Symposium | Nov 1, 2023
TBD’s Symposium “Back to Foundations: Travel Demand Analysis in a Fast Evolving Transportation Landscape”
Policy Brief | Jan 2, 2024
COVID Recovery? Changing Travel Behaviors? Insights From the 2022 ACS, ATUS, and CE Data Sets

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Welcome to the Travel Behavior and Demand (TBD) National Center!

At TBD, we are committed to advancing the nation’s transportation system by developing novel insights into travel behavior and demand, informing decision-making, and educating the next generation of transportation professionals with innovative and interdisciplinary approaches.

Discover Our Research

TBD’s research aims to unravel the underlying and interlinked behavioral processes that shape the movement of passengers and goods. Our research is anchored in three key innovation areas.

Thrust 1

Data Collection Mechanisms

Good data is critical to decision-making. A key focus of TBD is data collection, focusing on the methods for collecting, compiling, and fusing disparate data.

Thrust 2

Data Modeling and Analytic Tools

This thrust is aimed at advancing computational analysis and modeling methods – harnessing the power of new algorithms and software platforms for building new models and dashboards capable of providing actionable information to policymakers.

Thrust 3

Equity and Understanding User Needs

With the recognition that travel demand, unintended consequences, and services, technologies, and pricing structures need to be managed, this thrust focuses on the user (agent) through a management lens, with a view to advance policies and investments to address user needs in a heterogeneous population.

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