COVID Recovery? Changing Travel Behaviors? Insights From the 2022 ACS, ATUS, and CE Data Sets


Covid-19, Telework, Travel Behavior

Thrust Area(s):

Equity and Understanding User Needs

University Lead:

Arizona State University

The U.S. Census conducts three different annual surveys that provide insight into transportation analysts regarding travel behaviors and travel trends. Each of these surveys has a multi-decade history enabling analysts to discern changes over time. Survey data for the calendar year 2022 is now available with transportation-relevant information presented below. The dramatic transportation impact of the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with ongoing changes in demographics, transportation technologies, and culture and values make it particularly important to review the available data to discern emerging new normal behaviors. This brief reviews the American Community Survey (ACS), the Consumer Expenditure (CE) Survey, and the American Time Use Survey (ATUS), with respect to questions that give insight into travel behaviors. The survey data for 2022 provides information about behaviors during a time period when the country was still adjusting to COVID recovery conditions but was also dealing with inflation, ongoing demographic shifts, enhanced concerns regarding climate change, troubling urban crime, polarized values, and shifting economic conditions – factors all of which can influence travel.

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