Exploring the Changing Dynamics of Household Vehicle Ownership and Use in the U.S.

Term Start:

September 1, 2023

Term End:

May 30, 2025




Electric Vehicles, Survey Data, Vehicle Fleet, Vehicle Transactions

Thrust Area(s):

Data Collection Mechanisms, Equity and Understanding User Needs

University Lead:

Arizona State University


Ram Pendyala; Irfan Batur

This project is driven by a pressing need to understand the rapidly evolving landscape of household vehicle dynamics amidst technological advancements and significant societal changes. It focuses on the growing urgency of climate change mitigation and adaptation, a push for equitable mobility for all, and the transition towards vehicle electrification. Aiming to fill the knowledge gap in how households are adapting to these transformative forces, the project will design and deploy a comprehensive nationwide survey, called Evolving Vehicle Ownership Preferences and Use Survey (EVOPUS). This survey seeks to collect data on vehicle ownership, use, and preferences in the context of societal and environmental changes as well as related changes in household energy use (e.g. the adoption of residential solar photovoltaics and battery storage). The major contributions of the project are the following: 1) a nationwide dataset including data on travel behavior, household characteristics, vehicle ownership/transactions and use, mobility patterns as well as attitudes, perceptions, preferences, and lifestyles, made available to other researchers; 2) enhanced understanding of key barriers and drivers of electric vehicle adoption in distinct population segments; 3) a basis for new policies and programs and improvements to existing policies and programs to enable an equitable transition to sustainable mobility across heterogeneous population segments throughout the country.

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